In order to make any physical or structural changes to the exterior of your home, a Modification Application will need to be completed and submitted for approval. Please submit your application along with all the necessary information that will help the committee in making a decision. Please take a moment to ensure your request will meet all rules and regulations prior to submission.
All submittals require the following:
  • Modification Application
  • Review fee payment by check (review fee cost per item/project type included in application)
  • Copy of survey/plat of your lot to show the location of the improvement
  • Photo examples or renderings of the improvement
  • Other pertinent information regarding the improvement as required by the design guidelines
Applications can be submitted by mail or email (preferred). All documents submitted by mail must be 8.5in X 14in or 8.5in X 11in.  If larger, they should be emailed to in a single PDF document. 
Design Guidelines
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Modification Application
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