What are assessments?
To accomplish the many tasks for which it is responsible, the Association must have operating funds for daily maintenance, repairs and administration, as well as adequate reserve funds for major repairs or replacements for common property. In order to obtain these funds, all members of the community are required to pay assessments to the association. The Board of Directors will establish assessment rates each year and adopt the annual budget for the community.
How do I pay my assessments?
Below are the various options CCMC offers to pay your assessments. Whichever method you choose, be sure you include your six-digit account number to ensure the proper application of your payment. Your account number can be found printed on your semi-annual statement, and if you have any questions you can contact us at thehighlandstx@ccmcnet.com.
Direct Debit / ACH Payments
Sign up to have your assessment payment automatically drafted from your bank account the month your payment is due. Enrollment can be completed through your online web portal, or by filling out the direct debit form linked below, and mailing it along with a voided check to 8360 E Via de Ventura, Ste 100 Bldg L Scottsdale, Arizona 85258. You may also email the form and a copy of a voided check to achsetup@ccmcnet.com or fax the information to 480-921-7564. 
When paying by mail, make checks payable to "The Highlands Community Association", and make sure you include your account number on your check. Send your payment along with your statement stub to:
CCMC-Central Division
P.O. Box 533182
Atlanta, GA, 30353-3182
Online Payment
In order to make a one-time or recurring payment online, please click here to be linked to Pacific Western Bank, the processing service center.
*If you set up recurring electronic check payments with Pacific Western bank and your assessment amount has changed, you will need to update your payment information.
Assessment Due Dates
Assessments paid after the month in which they are due will be considered late. Homeowners are strongly encouraged to set up a reoccurring payment option to avoid late fees.  
Online Resident Portal
CCMC provides a convenient web portal for residents to view their current balance, review their account activity, and register for Automatic Direct Debit (ACH) payments online. Click here to log in to the VMS resident portal: https://vmsweb.ccmcnet.com.
Your username and password are located on the first account statement that was mailed to you. If you did not receive this information, please reach out to CCMC customer service at 833-301-4538.
In order to save time and money, and eliminate paper you can sign up for Electronic Statements. Simply go to https://ccmcnet.opt-e-mail.com/signup or call 1-866-244-2262 to sign up. 
Billing Questions
If you need help with your account number, balance, or have other billing questions, contact CCMC Customer Service at 1-833-301-4538.